My fellow rotarians ,

Excuse me for my lateness of this update.

7 December– The meeting was held at Tromba Rija – Macau Tower because Venetian was full again.
We had a low attendance of only 12 members with a great fellowship.

14 December– The meeting was held in Lua Azul, Macau Tower 3rd/F. We were only 10 present including a visiting Rotarian from RC Shanghai Isabel Wiedenroth. The club and the members were introduce to Isabel. After talking for awhile when inquiring about the hotel she was staying realized the confusion her secretary had made and booked a hotel in Zhuhai and not in Macau! Not possible to cancel because had paid already. After the dinner PE Elvo drive her to frontier and next day she has to come back to Macau to a business meeting before flying back to Shanghai.

15 December – A group of rotarians PPs Fred, Peter, Choi, David, Stella, Ip, Guy, Filipe, Kevin, KC, Rtn Ignacio and myself attended the reception to celebrate the birthday of the Emperor of Japan hosted by our Hon. Member Consul General of Japan for HK and Macau at the Okura Hotel.

17 December – We had our 18th “ Joy to the world Christmas night” at the Dong Guan Room at Conrad Hotel. Over 100 of our rotarians, their families and friends, and Rotaractors spend a festive celebration with over 600 friends with special needs and family.
It was again a tea Christmas party. We did it last year for the first time and was so much appreciated we decided to repeat.

It is a very meaningful event, and I hope that through this joint project the message of integration will become more widely known making it much easier for the disable to be integrated into the society.
Christmas is a wonderful time of giving. This year our Rotary theme is : “ Rotary : Making a Difference” wherever and whenever we can be of service to those in needs with our hands and our hearts.
So our party today is focusing on “ Community interaction, Making a Difference “ we will festive cheers and happiness to our 600 friends with special needs and family members.
We have 2 Santa Claus, PP Fred and Rtn Ignacio.

20 December– celebration of Macau SAR

Attention : In a very near future we will hold the 2nd Club Assembly. Those who have not pay the club dues yet ( MOP7.000,00 for those living in Macau and MOP4.000,00 for those living out of Macau – these was a resolution of a Club Assembly in PP. Elizabete Fong year) , please do it before the Assembly otherwise you are not eligible to vote.

Fatima Ferreira