Past President Ip Pui Fai (Peter)

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Dear family, friends, and fellow Rotarians of Past President Ip Pui Fai, Tonight, we gather here in tribute to our Past President Ip Pui Fai. It is an honour for me to share my memories of the PP Ip. PP Ip, affectionately known as Ippy, joined Rotary in 1983. He served as the club president […]

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Interview with PP Fatima Ferriera

fatima ferreira

Interview with PP Fatima Ferriera (2004 ~2005) How did I get involved with Rotary? Long ago, I thought Rotary was out of my league. I thought it was meant just for men only, because I could only join Rotary at ladies’ nights and annual balls.  Not until after I met two ladies Rotarians, Stella Kan […]

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Interview with PP Choi

choi sai hong

Interview with PP Choi, 1999 ~ 2000 In my year, my members enjoy very good fellowship, we had about ten nationalities and no arguments. They all supported me when I proposed the service project. During my year we had no Executive Secretary, Natalie, our South African member volunteered to be my Secretary. We organized the […]

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Interview with PP Florence Hui

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Interview with PP Florence Hui (2008 ~ 2009) Being installed as the first Rotaract Club President-turned-Rotary Club President in one’s mother club in Macau in Rotary Year 2008/2009. “Make Dreams Real” was the RI theme so this was a dream made real for a Rotaractor-turned-Rotarian. Chartered Rotaract Club of University of Macau Student’s Union on […]

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Interview with PP Filipe Fernandes

filipe senna fernandes2

PP Filipe Senna Fernandes (President 2007-2008, Rotary Shares) [flickr photo=7708662958 size=small] The most important project was to raise the funds to build the school in Guangxi. Rtn. Liz Fong introduced Mr. Chong Im (“Johnny”) to the Club as a potential project donor, and we went to Guangxi to look for sites. A total of MOP300,000 […]

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Interview with PP Teren Cheong

teren cheong

Interview with PP Teren Cheong (2010 ~ 2011) In my year 2010 ~ 2011 we enjoyed good fellowship and a service project driven club. Christmas Party for the Mentally Handicapped Children and families was held at the Venetian. This is very meaningful for the handicapped children because they would not have a very good chance […]

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Interview with PP Fred Palmer

fred palmer

PP Fred Palmer 1981~ 1982 One of my most memorable experiences was when I was in fact Sergeant at Arms, roughly speaking in 1978/79. Back in those days all the big shots, top officials and government people were members. Sometimes to get money out of them from was very restrictive. I remember one time when […]

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Interview with PP Gary Ngai

gary ngai

I remember well in my years 1991 ~ and 92 our two main projects. First the starting point for environmental protection for our city, with city cleaning, together with other clubs in Macau, with the support of the Municipal Council ( Leal Senado ) and the Macau Government. This was a breakthrough at the time, […]

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An Interview with Bill Benter

Bill Benter

I was about to turn 40 when I joined Rotary. The timing was perfect. I’d wandered into a profession, computer software development, where I was disconnected from any community. I was developing a somewhat complex database program for betting on horse races, based on 70 variables for each horse that enabled me and my colleagues […]

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