President 15th Wkly update

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Nov/ 23 – 16th Club Meeting This is this year our last meeting in Venetian, next year we come back. PP David updates us on our club’s website. We have a great meeting with the old fellowship with jokes by PP Ip and PE Elvo and great laughter. A happy thanksgiving with PP’s Maneiras, Peter […]

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Awards for Rotary year 2014/5

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Awards for Rotary year 2015/6

Award Presentation

Congratulations once again for our Club under the Leadership of President Elizabete Fong.  On June 14, we held our last Joint Presidents’ Meeting in HK together with the  District Awards Presentation for  2015-16 year. I am extremely happy and proud to report that our Club has won numerous awards as follows:-   1. Presidential Citation ( Silver) […]

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Great East Japan Earthquake ~ 5 years on

Kuninori Matsuda consul general

Consulate-General of Japan 47th Floor, One Exchange Square 8 Connaught Place, Central HK April 2016 Ms Elizabete Fong President of The Rotary Club of Macau 11th March 2016 marks the 5th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Even today we, along with our fellow Japanese citizens, still remember the outpouring of sympathy and the […]

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2013-14 District Awards Recognition

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    Congratulations to our Club who was presented with the following District3450 Awards on June 16, 2014. :-  2013-14 Presidential Citation for actively working to Engage Rotary, Changes Lives  2013-14 Rotary Club Central Award for setting strategic goals to Engage Rotary, Change Lives this year and years to come  Certificate of Appreciation to President […]

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Recognition & Awards 2010 to 2011

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Dear fellow Rotarians,Thanks to PP Fatima to spread our Club’s great news to everyone. These awards are ours. In the past year, our Club has really achieved a lot through assistance and co-operation of PPs, Rotarians and friends. Several of communities projects were successfully held again, including GuangXi project, Elderly Dental project in Macau, Macau […]

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Recognition & Awards 2009~2010

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They were presented to the members at our Rotary Foundation Lunch at Fat Siu Lau Restaurant on June 17th 2010. Well done to all our members for their dedication and hard work. Flickr Album Slideshow  

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