PP Synthia and I attended an urgent District Resolution Meeting last Thursday, 24/11 in Hong Kong. The urgency was due to the deadline for submission of the intent to bid “RI Convention for 2023 or 2024 or 2025 to be hosted in Hong Kong and/or Macau” was on 28/11. A few questions were asked about the reasons for failure 2 years ago and I also queried why there was no Rotarian from Macau in the Organizing Committee. In any case, Macau has nothing to lose if the bidding is successful, even if it is in Hong Kong only. If the bidding is successful, the District Levy will be increased.

Due to low attendance, meeting last week on 24/11 was cancelled.

Meeting 1/12 at Lua Azul, Macau Tower

Vemetian is full so we will move to Macau Tower, Lua Azul Restaurant tomorrow, same time 8pm for 8.30pm but Chinese dinner. We are aware that recently we had few meetings that we had to look for other venue because Venetian was full. Please bear with us. We will see what we can do. BTW, please let me know if you can come so we can make better arrangements. Thanks.

Grannie Tour 3/12 8 am to 2.30 pm

We have 270 grannies in 8 coaches and we need Rotarians on these coaches to take charge and coordination. There will be a Chinese speaking tour guide and staff from elderly centre on each coach. We need at least 1 Rotarian also on each coach also. Please let me know if you can join and help.

Mark your dates

  • 3/12 (Sat) – Grannies Tour
  • 8/12 (Thu) – NO Meeting due to public holiday
  • 16-19/12 (Fri-Mon) – Visit IPP Liz in Hanoi, Vietnam. Pls let me know if you are interested.
  • 24-27/12 (Sat-Tue) – Guangxi Visit
  • 5/1 (Thu) – Speaker: PDG Eugene Fong on Membership
  • 3/2 (Fri) – Rotary Spring Dinner
  • 25/2 (Sat) – Blood Donation Day

Hon Sec RC Macau