Happy Winter Solstice!!!!
We had a very special social meeting last Thursday. A group of Rotarians, Pres. Sam, PP ET, PP Fred, PP Peter, PP Gary, PP Choi, PP Ip, PP Synthia, PP Fatima, PP KC, Rtn. Chris and I attended the reception to celebrate the birthday of the Emperor of Japan hosted by our Hon. Member, Consul-General of Japan for HK and Macau, Ambassador Kuninori Matsuda at the Okura Hotel. You can see from the attached photos how enjoyable we were at the reception. After the reception, most of us went to the lobby bar, Cafe Nagomi, to have our social meeting and were joined by Rtn. Liying, Rtn. Marc, Rtn. Trent and Ignacio, friend of Synthia. It was a cosy place and we had very good fellowship.

Btw, I am sorry to inform you that was the last meeting of Trent with our Club. He just left Macau for good yesterday. He would go back to Brisbane to join his family for Christmas first and then he would head to Qingdao, China for his career. May I wish him all the best and every success in his new career in Qingdao!

Meeting tomorrow 22/12 at Venetian

I miss Venetian. Our last meeting there was nearly a month ago, on 17/11. Please do come to the meeting tomorrow if you are in town.

2nd Club Assembly will be held on 19/1/2017. Those who haven’t paid your club dues yet, please do so before the assembly, otherwise, you are not eligible to vote. The Agenda will be sent out in due course.

Spring dinner for the year of Rooster will be held on 3/2/2017 at the Plaza Restaurant. We will let you know the details later.

The Rotary Foundation Centennial Celebration for Macau will be held on 11/2/2017 at the Macau Tower, details to follow.

The Rotary Blood Donation Day for Macau will be held on 25/2/2017 at the Flower City Garden, Taipa. We are the organizing club this year. Inspired by the talk of Rtn. Joao Pinto previously, we would try to arrange a medical booth to provide consultation for the minority groups also on the day. We need your help and support so please do not refuse us when you are approached.

Mark your dates

  • 24-27/12 (Sat-Tue) – Guangxi Visit
  • 5/1 (Thu) – Speaker: PDG Eugene Fong on ‘Membership’
  • 19/1 (Thu) – 2nd Club Assembly
  • 3/2 (Fri) – Rotary Spring Dinner at Plaza Restaurant
  • 9/2 (Thu) – Speaker: PDG Ada Cheng on ‘Public Image’
  • 16/2 (Thu) – Speaker: PDG David Harilella on ‘The One and Rotary Global Rewards’
  • 25/2 (Sat) – Blood Donation Day at Flower City Garden, Taipa
  • 27~28/5 (Sat~Sun) – District Conference at L’ Hotel Nina et Convention Centre, HK

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Yours in Rotary,