Since the “Make Dreams Real” year will come to an end tomorrow, I take this opportunity to thank you all for electing me the first Rotaract President-turned-Rotary President in his/her mother club in Macau. This is a wonderful journey of DREAMs MADE REAL!
I like to thank my board members again for their continuous support. Please go to the next page for the name list of my team.
“Through our scientific and technological genius, we have made this world a neighbourhood and yet we have not had the ethical commitment to make it a brotherhood. But somehow, and in some way, we have got to do this,” said Dr. Martin Luther King.
Being Rotarians, Let’s make this world a brotherhood through Rotary as THE FUTURE OF ROTATRY IS IN YOUR HANDS.


Make Dreams Real Board of 2008-2009

Florence HUI President
Vice President Elizabete FONG
President-Elect and Annual Charity Ball Chair David SHELTON-SMITH
Hon. Secretary Margaret BOU
Hon. Treasurer Ricardo MARTINS
Membership Chairman Thomas LUONG
Service Projects Committee Chairman Fátima FERREIRA
Service Projects Committee
Larry LAM, Wolfram N. DIENER
IP Pui Fai, Stella KAN, Kazuyoshi NOGUCHI,

Rotaract Advisors
Keith PHARIS and Teren CHEONG
Rotary Foundation Chairman Keith PHARIS
Public Relations Chairman
Club Administration Chairman WONG Kam Chi
Sergeant-at-Arms Saba PAYMAN



Dear (still P/ almost PP) Florence, (still PE/almost P) David,

Mission completed! Last Saturday afternoon I travelled to Birmingham to the 100th Annual Convention of Rotary International. Thomas got registered and RC Macau was present! On Sunday I went to the so-called “LG Arena” where the Opening Plenary Session took place. It was a bit funny: Entering the huge hall I was looking for a convenient place to sit and on the lateral stand there was a single seat still vacant rather in front but in the centre of the second row. All Rotarians sitting around that seat realized that I was focussing on that seat but it was unreal to let all the Rotarians stand up to let me in. Then I asked the person sitting in front of that seat (first row) to stand up and I jumped over his seat to reach the vacant seat behind him. All Rotarians in that sitting area (I don’t dare to imagine how many there were!!!) witnessed my extraordinary exercise and cheered when I was successful!!! Understandable reaction: “Where do you come from? Macau? Where is it? Ah, what about Rotary there? How interesting..” and so on. Finally, they were all aware of Macau and Thomas!
The Opening started and in the course of the session, the flag parade took place in alphabetical order: ….Lithuania, Luxembourg, M A C A U and all the Rotarians sitting around me were shouting “Thomas! Macau!” and applauded frenetically while I tried to take a picture as well. So at least I was not the only one making the others aware of Macau and that Macau was there!!!

Unfortunately, it was not possible to take a picture showing me in my seat (too dark and we were sitting rather tight) but attached please find a picture showing me at the registration and a few other pictures showing the flag of Macau at the parade as well as the Hong Kong one and other impressions.
Due to important commitments, I had to leave Birmingham on Monday evening already and therefore I missed the fellowship dinner of our DG on Tuesday evening – what a pity.
But it was a memorable visit and a great honour to be there as a Rotarian of Macau.
YIR Thomas

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