Dear Fellow Rotarians

This Thursday we held our 8th regular meeting, followed by the 1st Club Assembly.


Present ( 16 members): President KC, Kevin, Peter, Florence, Stella, Fatima, Ip, Choi, Fred, Synthia, Andy, Gary, Maneiras, Janet, Mario and Elizabete

Happy Donation: $470


1. Regular Meeting

– President KC reminded on Sep 6 DG visit program with the Board to attend the 1-hr briefing meeting with DG at 6 pm, followed by Area 1 Joint Clubs dinner at 7.30 pm. Venue confirmed Beverly Plaza Hotel, dinner at Beverly Seafood Restaurant 5th floor. Those members who did not attend this meeting are most welcome to enrol Liz directly by SMS or email.

– Sec Liz had the following social activities announcement:-

•Aug 29 Indian Social Night @ Westin Hotel now has 36 joining, including 10 Rotaractors. Those who want to join and not yet registered, pls do so to PP Choi or myself.

•Sep 19 Thurs regular meeting cancelled due to Mid-Autumn Festival legal holiday. Instead, the MAF BBQ social night will be held on Sep 21 Sat at Hak Sa Norman’s Place. Members, pls invite your families, kids and friends to join the fun in lighting the lantern etc

2. 1st Club Assembly

After the President declared the end of the regular meeting, the 1st Club Assembly was held. Following is a summary of the meeting. Full minutes will be circulated shortly.

– Hon Sec Elizabete reported that there are 16 members present, and 15 members submitted proxies, hence, the total no. of votes at 31. Based on 41 members, total attendance exceeds 50%.

– PP Peter Kok Lam, Assembly Chair called to order and declared the start of the assembly meeting. Elizabete was appointed as secretary to record the minutes of the meeting.

– Agenda and minutes of last Jan 17 2013 club assembly were adopted.

– President KC, Membership Chair PP Fatima, 1213 Treasurer PP Stella, Service Project Chair PE Kevin and Sec Elizabete presented this year’s club goals on rotary foundation contribution, membership, financials, community and international service projects and attendance requirements respectively. The plans attached were voted in favour.

– Under A.O.B., President KC raised matters arising from the last club assembly minutes to note that 1314 Hon Sec subsequently is changed to Elizabete Fong and PE/Ball Chair is Kevin Lei.

A touching moment was noted when Rtn Janet and Mario, in responding to President KC’s pledge that ‘ Every Rotarian, Every Year ‘ should contribute to the Rotary Foundation Fund at least USD100, each took out a 100-dollar note to show their immediate support. KC showed his appreciation with a song cleverly changed to suit the occasion. It’s a pity that I did not tape the video in time. Nonetheless, we have requested an encore of KC singing in the coming Aug 29 social night. So you won’t want to miss this if you have not yet signed up for this event.

Last but not least, thanks to PP Fatima’s sharing, the exciting Fuhong ‘ Huge Soap Mosaic’ Guinness Record-breaking event was broadcast online and here’s the link for those who missed the program or the event. .

Also, colourful photos of the event are uploaded onto our club website photo gallery now for your enjoyment