Dear Fellow Rotarians

This Thursday we held our 8th regular meeting, followed by 1st Club Assembly.


Present ( 16 members): President KC, Kevin, Peter, Florence, Stella, , Fatima, Ip, Choi, , Fred, Synthia, Andy, Gary,Maneiras, Janet, Mario and Elizabete

Happy Donation: $470

Highlights :-

1. Regular Meeting

– President KC reminded on Sep 6 DG visit program with the Board to attend the 1-hr briefing meeting with DG at 6 pm , followed by Area 1 Joint Clubs dinner at 7.30 pm. Venue confirmed Beverly Plaza Hotel , dinner at Beverly Seafood Restaurant 5th floor. Those members who did not attend this meeting are most welcome to enroll to Liz directly by SMS or email.

– Sec Liz had the following social activities announcement:-

•Aug 29 Indian Social Night @ Westin Hotel now have 36 joining , including 10 Rotaractors. Those who want to join and not yet registered, pls do so to PP Choi or myself.

•Sep 19 Thurs regular meeting cancelled due to Mid-Autumn Festival legal holiday. Instead, the MAF BBQ social night will be held on Sep 21 Sat at Hak Sa Norman’s Place. Members , pls invite your families, kids and friends to join the fun in lighting the lantern etc

2. 1st Club Assembly

After President declared end of regular meeting , the 1st Club Assembly was held . Following is a brief summary of the meeting . Full minutes will be circulated shortly.

– Hon Sec Elizabete reported that there are 16 members present, 15 members submitted proxies , hence, total no. of votes at 31. Based on 41 members , total attendance exceeds 50%.

– PP Peter Kok Lam , Assembly Chair called to order and declared start of assembly meeting . Elizabete was appointed as secretary to record minutes of the meeting.

– Agenda and minutes of last Jan 17 2013 club assembly were adopted.

– President KC , Membership Chair PP Fatima, 1213 Treasurer PP Stella , Service Project Chair PE Kevin and Sec Elizabete presented this year’s club goals on rotary foundation contribution , membership, financials, community and international service projects and attendance requirements respectively. The plans per attached were voted in favour .

– Under A.O.B , President KC raised on matters arising from last club assembly minutes to note that 1314 Hon Sec subsequently is changed to Elizabete Fong and PE/Ball Chair is Kevin Lei.

A touching moment was noted when Rtn Janet and Mario, in responding to President KC pledge for ‘ Every Rotarian, Every Year ‘ should contribute to Rotary Foundation Fund at least USD100 , each took out a USD 100 dollar note to show their immediate support. KC showed his appreciation with a song cleverly changed to suit the occasion. It’s a pity that I did not tape the video in time. Nonetheless, we have requested for an encore of KC singing in coming Aug 29 social night . So you wouldn’t want to miss this if you have not yet signed up for this event.

Last but not the least, thanks to PP Fatima’s sharing, the exciting Fuhong ‘ Huge Soap Mosaic’ Guinness Record-breaking event was broadcast online and here’s the link for those who miss the program or the event. Also , colorful photos of the event are also uploaded onto our club website photo gallery now for your enjoyment