At the Venetian Macau Students groups gathered for judging of their projects for Together we go Eco.

Carbon Neutral City Design Competition

Final Presentation and Closing Ceremony 

(TDM): This is the final presentation of Rotary Club Macau’s Carbon Neutral City Design Contest, where three winners will be selected.
The club’s president said she was astonished by the ideas presented by the students and they have a larger vision, using Macau as a platform and expanding it to China and the world.

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The TWGE final presentation was just finished today, the top 5 teams have been selected with a total of 18 students who will go to Shenzhen for a 2-day field trip on April 1 & 2.

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Judging the competition: – Li Ying, president of the Rotary Club of Macau – Stephanie Zhao, Sands China’s associate director of sustainability – Rix Un, president of Green Future – Dr Bernard Cheng, Director of Sustainability Department of SJM Resorts


Our judging panel listened to all the presentations and then queried the teams on their projects.



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