History of RC Macau

Application of Provisional Rotary Club of Macao

Organised on 11th January 1947. Members list closed on 18 April 1947 Application on 22nd April 1947


ROTARY INTERNATIONAL ROTARY Transmitting Application of Provisional Club for Membership Rotary International To the Governor of District No.-96-97-98   Herewith I transmit the following documents, duly completed and signed, comprising the application of the newly formed Provisional Rotary Club of Macao for membership in Rotary International 1) Application form, including information re constitution and by-laws, signed by club's president and secretary 2) List of charter members, in duplicate-dated and signed by club's president and secretary 3) Check for $100 U.S. Currency (or its equivalent) in favor of Rotary International, in payment of charter fee Date Club Officially Organized- January 11th,…
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Sponsored by IPP Arthur Woo Hong Kong
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Sponsored by Rotary Club of Hong Kong for the 'small colony' of Macao

Notice of Admission to Rotary

Charter Number 6662 District 96-7-8

Admission of Rotary Club of Macau

Rotary International NOTICE OF ADMISSION OF THE ROTARY CLUB MEETING DAY: Friday HOUR: 6 p.m. & 8 p.m. PLACE:  alternatively Macao Club & Central Hotel NUMBER OF SUBSCRIPTIONS TO "THE ROTARIAN": 36 District: 96 Population - 200,000 CHARTER NO. 6662 DATE ADMITTED: 16 June 1947 NUMBER OF CHARTER MEMBERS: 36 DATE ORGANIZED 11 January 1947 GOVERNOR: C.T. Wang SPONSOR CLUB Hong Kong SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE: Arthur Woo, Hong Kong PRESIDENT: Commander Augusto de Castro Rodrigue (public defense - navy) Harbour Office MACAO (China) SECRETARY: Henrique Nolasco, Jnr. (dry goods & gen. merchandise— distributing) 20, Avenida Almeida Ribeiro MACAO (China) DATE; 16…
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Club Review 1950

Club Review 1950


Official Visit Area 57


Leper Colony Coloane This project will benefit some 80 men and women in the Leprosarium and a population of about 250 persons in the nearby village of Ka-Ho. At present, among the inmates of the Colony, there are about 20 young men, between 15 to 22 years old, whom the medical authorities have declared ‘cured5’ of Hansen’s Disease, but under the regulations, they must remain for another three years before they can be allowed to join their families and friends outside. This project aims to provide them with a means of being trained to be skilled mechanics when the time…
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Club Plan Pg 77

1968 Past: Helped form the Taipa Boys Home. Set up a summer camp for boys, two weeks each. Put up a dam for the farmers, gave 250 bags of cement for this project. Labor was provided by the farmers. Gave portable rice thrashers to the farmers. Current: Traffic Safety campaign. Ka Hu Village farmers Aid. Major objectives for 1968-69 Rotary year: To Keep "Rotary" alive & active in Macau People have been scared by the Red-instigated-troubles, we must let them know that Rotary is beyond party principles. Continue cooperation running the Leprosy Colony Continue the Boys Camp on Taipa Island…
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Club Plan Page 85

1969 Accomplishments: Supplying diagnostic equipment to the Lara Reis Cancer Hospital. Completed 1965* Plans: To strengthen and expand the club. To push the Ka Ho Leprosorium projects. Apart from financial difficulties, we have the additional problem resulting from the disturbances which took place about two years ago. Now we find certain sections of the community rather reluctant to associate themselves with Rotary and other similar organizations. This has placed a limit on the club's field of Community Service. However, it is hoped to concentrate and make the club's activities more effective where acceptable.

Club Plan Page 92

Successes: A joint project with the Res. of North Bankstown and Penrith of Australia and other welfare organizations in Macau to supply a water reservoir for the Leprosarium of Ka-Ho, Coloane Island. Objectives 1 - A project and building plan for building a youth camp which, may accommodate 50 problem youth supplied to the municipal police force was offered by us. 2 - Furniture and some facility for 'the prospective youth camp will be supplied at the end of this Rotary year. 3 - Christmas gifts for the underprivileged children in Portugal.