Its been a difficult time for the Club with many Club meetings canceled and projects such as the youth exchange program canceled for this year. What about the Annual Ball? Again we will not be able to organize this event which is going to be a big disappointment both as a fundraiser and also as a way of promotion and a thank you to our sponsors.

We have been able to continue with our good works with the funds for this year’s projects reallocated to assist in the Italy Coronavirus situation with funds to the Bergamo Club and with funds allocated to assist the completion of the Nepalese School project with the help of our Rotaract Club, sister club and friendship club.

Our last Club Assembly brought in our new President fro 2020~2021 Joao Pinto and his board as well as our nomination of Matthew Wong as PN for the following year. Congratulations to you both.

As for Board meetings, with restrictions still in place many board members find themselves stranded in Hong Kong or unable to attend so we have continued with our Online meetings. Which have been working quite well. We hope, starting next month, to be able to return to a full-sized meeting in our regular location at the Sands Cotai. We have the Joint Club Meeting to prepare for and the handover ceremony as well as the Celebration of our Charter which has been given the Green light and will again be at the place where it all started at Fat Siu Lau in Macau.