Dear Fellow Rotarians:

I am both humble and honor to serve as the President of Rotary Club of Macau in this Rotary Year 2014-2015.

The Rotary International President Gary Huang has named this year Rotary Theme –”Light Up Rotary”.  Gary believes that Rotary should be about lifting people up. The theme he chose, Light Up Rotary, is a reflection of his desire to encourage Rotarians to bring light where there is darkness. Gary also hopes that Light Up Rotary inspires Rotarians to lighten up Rotary’s image.

Gary is the first Chinese President in Rotary history. He is from Rotary Club of Taipei, which is one of our sister clubs. Some of our senior members are good friends with Gary for several decades.

Meeting Highlights

– My first club meeting last Thursday was attended by 14 members including Sam Lei whom we all know has an extremely busy travel schedule with IPIM. Noting that now is the traditionally summer holiday time when some of you are /will be away, I hope you will come join our regular meetings if you are in town and notify Aris if you have extended summer leave away from Macao to facilitate her attendance report compilation.

– Congratulations to our PP Filipe, he is in the Rotary Magazine July issue, 2014, talking about Spin Master.

– We celebrate our July birthday stars, PP Fatima and PP Ip in our first meeting and happy birthday to Freitas too whom we miss last week but hope we will see you more often.

– Box collection $1000, thanks to birthday stars’ happy donation and PP Fred’s kind topping up.

District/Club Announcements

–   Coming up speaker for 10th July, 2014 meeting : Rotaract Club’s Goodwill Ambassador Team report about Sri Lanka trip.   So please come support our young leaders.

– July 18 ( Fri ) 9.30 am – Concordia School for Special Education Graduation Ceremony . Pls join me, AG Synthia, PPs Ip, Stella, Fatima , PE Elizabete if you are free that morning

– July 19 ( Sat ) 11.00am – lunch – Visit UMAC new Hengqin campus. 20 Rotarians /guests have registered and welcome more members to join us.

– July 24 ( Thurs) – AG Synthia first visit to our Club

– July 31 ( Thurs ) – it’s the 5th Thursday of the month so we will have a social night . Stay tune for more details as our Club Administration Chair PP Choi will have something exciting and fun prepared for you and your families/friends!!!