Rotary Club of Macau is honored to be one of the beneficiaries of the Macau Eco TraiHiker 2016.  Part of the fund raised will be for the service of the autistics.  We are now recruiting volunteers for this event.  Your participation will help the autistics children and their families to get suitable support and assistance.  Volunteers should note the following:
–          Event Day:  29/10/2016, Saturday
–          Volunteers should arrive at 6am
–          Briefing session: 25/10/2016, Tuesday at 7pm at the Venetian, Verona Room 1405
–          Crew shirt will be provided and a Crew Certificate will be given after the event to acknowledge your good work in the community
–          Event is expected to finish by 4pm.  Dinner buffet is arranged at the Venetian after the event.
–          Volunteers  please register at : or fill in the attached recruitment form.
For any inquiries please feel free to contract me.
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Sam IP
President 16-17
Rotary Club of Macau