Dear Fellow Rotarians

We all must feel proud about our District’s Organ Donation Project now extending to China and hope in the future to Macao too. IPDG Kenneth was our speaker last night on ‘ Rotary Organ Donation Project ‘ and the coming Mar 19/20 International Organ Forum in Guangzou.


16 Rotarians : KC, Kevin, Stella, Liz, Ip, Gary , Choi, Fred, Keith, Maneiras, Peter, Janet, Shaun, Guy, Pauline and Yasmin

2 Guests :  Madam Marysa, beloved mother of Guy; Walter Ko, guest of P KC

Guest Speaker: IPDG Kenneth Wong


– IPDG Kenneth gave an inspiring and touching talk on Rotary Organ Donation Project progress after its launch in HK about a year ago. It’s theme ‘ LOVE.HOPE’  will be extensively promoted with launch of new website,  mobile application for organ donation,  famous artist  Tsang Tze  Wa as ROD ambassador ,OCTOPUS card and ROD Action Groups in  HK . The Organ Donation Forum in Guangzhou on Mar 19/20 will kick off a series of collaboration efforts between China and HK to call for organ donors to save life.

We were also shared by Janet and Shaun on  the much higher level of organ donors in USA partly facilitated by the ease of becoming an organ donor whereby when one applies or renew a driving licence on the machine, there is a button to confirm as a donor . Then the driving licence will automatically print ‘ organ donor ‘ on it.

– President KC reported that the UK Summer Camp student selection was complete and he together with PE Kevin, PP Ip and HS Elizabete met the two students ( F4 and F5 , a boy and a girl ) at St Paul’s School in the afternoon and were impressed.  The School also welcomed our club’s proposal to start a mentorship program for a group of their high grade students which will involve some of our Rotarians.