Dear Fellow Rotarians

Our delegation of 13 Rotarians and Rotary-Anns led by P KC just returned from Taiwan after visiting sister club RC Taipei and attending their 65th Charter Anniversary Dinner.  A great fellowship was built with RCT’s officers/members whom we have warmly invited them to join our Annual Ball next year.  President KC will be sharing our trip report in coming meeting and also some signature goodies from Taipei.

Last week meeting had :-

-10 Rotarians  ( Kevin, Maneiras, Ip, Fred, Synthia, Teren, Andy, Choi, Janet,Liz)

– 3  Guests      ( Janet’s guest Shaun, Synthia’s guest Gene, Liz guest Neill Newton)

– 1   Visiting Rotarian  ( Harn Aramvith , PE of RC Silom, Thailand)

– Liz updated that the UMAC student was recuperating steadily and thanks to Elvo and Sam Ip for visiting him at Kiang Vu hospital with our club’s well wishes.

– RC Silom Harn shared his club experience of below average attendance and steps taken to improve members’ engagement and belonging

– Guest Neill Newton made a brief introduction of his humanitarian operation- Global Flying Hospitals which offers medical and dental care on their aircrafts currently serving in India, Pakistan and some African under-developed cities, Neill is the founder and chairman and recently chose Macau as their first Asian hub .

– A token of thanks to Janet’s guest Shaun who brought us simply delicious home-made cookies which most of us ate our hearts out during our pre-meeting cocktail at Venetian new C & E lounge, courtesy of Venetian and as after -dinner dessert.

– Happy donation:  $460.

This Thurs Oct 17 will be regular meeting . Do come for fellowship and support YOUR CLUB ! Please also mark your diary for Oct 31 as this is the 5th Thurs of Oct , so will be a social night. Is it Halloween ‘ Trick or Treat ‘ party or Indian night ?  Stay tune for our Club Administration Chair Choi further news .