Due to Venetian being full again the venue on Nov/16 was changed to Sands Macau.

We have a good attendance, 23 participants. Myself, PPs Synthia, Stella, Choi, Ip and 5 guests, David, Fred( birthday star), Gary, Maneiras, Florence and ET, and Rtns Ignacio, Marc, Yasmin, Margaret, Ricardo and Katherine ( Choi’s guest). Before the meeting, we enjoyed the wines (sponsored by PP Ip) and the fellowship at the beautiful poolside.

Rotary Day at UN on Nov/11

  1.  – Held in the Palais des Nations, Geneva
  2.  – Theme – Peace: Making a difference
  3.  The event included workshops on sustainability & peace, education, science and peace
  4.  – speakers :
    • – RI Pres. Ian H. S. Risley
    • – Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Paul A. Netzel
    • – representatives of RI to UN/Geneva Walter B. Gyger and Claudine Wyssa
    • – President of generations for peace Dr. Mohamed Arabiat
  5.  – Some topics cover :
    • – people of action: Champions of Peace
    • – Polio-tulip planting ceremony
    • – updates on polio eradication
    • – Geneva Peace Week

After announcing Rotary Day on the UN

I share our busy weekend, another one.
On Saturday, Nov/ 11 PP Synthia joined the Rotary Foundation and Grant seminar held from 9 am to 4 pm at HK Regal at HK 570,00.
PP Florence also participated. Attending this Seminar is a requirement for our club to qualify for RF grants in 2018-2019.

Next day, Sunday, Nov/12 we have a recording to do. Myself, Sam and Amy went to make a birthday surprise for our PE. Elvo before going to the YMCA interview. I took the lead with with PE’s support.
At 20:25  Elvo, Rotaractors Rainie Ng, U Cheng, Mika Hayashi, Anna, Jessie and I gather outside TDM. Emma from the YMCA took us to the recording room next door. The interview was from 10:30 to 13:00 and in 3 groups. We introduced Rotary and our signature projects. And the Rotaractors did the same. In the end, we had the sensation of mission accomplished.

After we go each to our own home. I rest till dinner time. We have a visit from our good fellow Rotarians from Taiwan, Queeny Huang and Benny. They bring from Taiwan our handmade cups and bowls. Again we celebrate Elvo’s birthday and have very good fellowship.

Club announcements :

  • – On Nov/ 25 we have the 2nd part of the Grannies Tour,
  • – 2017 Business Awards of Macau – Nov/24 our club will be awarded at Grand Lisboa Ballroom
  • – 18th Joy to the world X’mas party
  • – a trip to Guang Xi with our Rotaractors ( 23-26 Dec)

Box donation: MOP 3.000,00

Fatima Ferreira
President RC Macau