On our 21st regular meeting, we had a good attendance of 23 including 2 Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of Macau and Varna, Rotary Alumni. President Geraldine presented the club report.

Varna informed us that she is in Shanghai and whenever to has a chance will visit us.


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At this regular club meeting, we have a guest speaker, Jason Kuok. The team was “Water is JUST not water”. The speaker is the only certified water sommelier in Macau and Hong Kong. Certified by the Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany.
Never heard about water sommeliers, and probably many of you. The water sommelier’s job is to educate the general public to be aware of what they are drinking and how to choose the right water for each occasion. It was a very interesting talk and we had a chance to try and taste different types of water and realize each water has a taste. We should drink daily according to our weight ( 30 ml per kilo).
Box collection: MOP 1,000.

Mark your dates :

  • Jan/18-Thu – Meeting at Sands reflection 6/F Regular meeting + 2nd Club Assembly.
    Those who can not attend please provide a proxy to the club Secretary in writing via e-mail, WhatsApp and/or WeChat until 9 pm that night.
  • Jan/25-Thu – Regular meeting – Venetian.
  • Fev/23-Fri – At Plaza Restaurant Spring dinner + Rotary birthday.
  • Mar/4-Sun – Rotary Ultramarathon
  • Mar/25-Sun – Rotary Blood Donation Day at Flower City Garden, Taipa.
  • May/12-Sat – 71st Annual Charity Ball

YIR, Fátima Ferreira
President 2017-18