Our Club held the first Regular Meeting on July 2, We had a quite good attendance with a total of 30 Rotarians, Rotaractors, and guests.

For the first time in many months, PP Liz and PP Stella were reunited with our Club via Zoom.

It was a joyous moment for all of us!

PP Liz and PP Stella stayed online for the duration of the meeting and engaged with the Rotarians and Rotaractors

I have to say that it was a strong start for this Rotary Year with very good engagement and fellowship!

Before the start of the meeting, IPP Ip passed the Presidential Sash and hammer to President Joao.

IPP Ip thanked all Rotarians and the outgoing Board for the support during a particularly difficult year, given the impact COVID-19 had on the Club’s projects and activities.

Our Club also added a new Major Donor Level 1 thanks to PP Fatima generosity.

In this first Regular Meeting, President João pinned PP Fátima.

Thank you PP Fátima for your generosity!


In our Regular Meeting with also received 5 Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of UMSU and the Rotaract Club of Macau.

Presidents Christy and Ronald spoke about their plans for this Rotary Year.

Youth Service Chair PP Elvo and Rotaract Advisors Li Ying and Yuko Matsumoto will continue to nurture the spirit of Rotary among our Rotaractors.

Finally, we celebrated the birthday of our Rotarians during the month of July. Conrad arranged a beautiful and tasty citrus cheesecake for our July starts to blow the candles!

Finally, I would like to remind all Rotarians to settle the Club Dues as soon as possible.