Welcome to the 24th weekly update!

Here we are finally in the year 2021, which we all hope to be full of opportunities for service.

For the Rotary Club of Macau it a year of changes!

I will serve as President for six months more and then it will be PE Matthew to be at the helm of the Club.

I’m sure PE Matthew will be blessed with your support just as much as I have been during this Rotary Year.

In 2021 we also moved permanently to a new venue. Our Regular Meetings are now taking place at Sofitel at Ponte 16 Hotel.
Many of you have joined us last year, when I tried the venue, and also during 2021’s first meeting.

We were fortunate to have PP Stella also joining us and showing to be in very good spirit.

Being the first meeting of 2021, we also celebrated our January Stars. By the way, Sergio is a February birthday star… so he will get to celebrate twice, this year! 

Do come and join us this Thursday. Registration is still open on the Club’s WhatsApp group.

On Sunday, myself and PP Fátima represented our Club on the Closing Ceremony of the Rotary Smart Health – Micro Film Competition organized by the Rotary Club of Penha with the support of the Rotary Club of Macau and the Rotary Club of Oriental Pearl Macau.

We need to extend our congratulations to the Saint Paul School team, which won the competition. Some Interactors of the Interact Club of Saint Paul School are members of the winning team.

During Thursday’s Regular Meeting, we will be able to see the winning microfilm and listen to winners explaining how they did it. This is just another reason to register and join on January 14.

Both I and PP Fátima, also took this opportunity to brief DG Eric about our latest projects and what we still plan to do this year. 

Just a few more notes about upcoming events!

  1. – On January 22, the Club organizes a seminar about the effects of COVID-19 on our society. The speakers on this seminar are PP Elvo, who will talk about the psychological effects, PP Fatima, who will talk about the impact on organizations such as Fuhong who deal with PP with special needs, and Augusto Nogueira, from ARTM who will be talking about how people with dependency have dealt with this situation. So, this seminar will be on Friday, January 22, at the Rui Cunha Foundation, right in the centre of the city. There will be no registration for this event!
  2. – January is Vocational Month for Rotary. So we are organizing a Vocational Visit to Fuhong’s Restaurant followed by lunch for us to enjoy some excellent Portuguese food. This visit is scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 30. Registration for the Fuhong Restaurant Vocational Visit will start soon.
  3. – The Lunar New Year is just around the corner. We are going to have our New Year Gathering on February 18, at the Plaza Restaurant, as in previous years! It will be a night of fellowship with games and the famous Lai Si carousel… Registration will start later this month!

Yours in Rotary

President João