Sorry, for not having sent out any update last week, I just back from Mongolia and I am making it now.

7th meeting – 31st August

We have a good fellowship with just 9 members, Fred’s guest his son-in-law and a visiting Rotarian from Nepal.
This time typhoon Hato has not spared Macau. Did struck us directly causing lots of damage, because of that the meeting on 24th August was cancelled but our members immediately joined hands and organized together with the Rotaractors team to work to help clean our Macau.

Fred, Li Ying, Yuko, Yasmin and João share their experience. They were unanimous in relating the love and unity they found in Macau because of this disaster. People passing by them give bottles of water and lunch boxes to the volunteers free of charge. Everyone was collaborating in one way or another.
Box collection was MOP 460.00 and PO Fred popped up to MOP 500.00