The regular meeting last Thursday was held at Sands-Macau, because Venetian was full again.
We have a great meeting with a great fellowship with 16 members and 3 PP Ip’s guests.
More sharing of the volunteer work during Hato. I think Hato bring to Macau people a sense of belonging, a sentiment of union all joining hands for the good of all.

After Pedro was waiting for the opportunity of informing us the situation of Pedrogão in Portugal after the fire. And where our money is to apply.
Pedro presented a power point of all the work. For those did not know the board has decided to donate 2,500.00 euros and send to Rotary Clube de Pombal with an account open for the purpose of reconstruction of 3 houses.

On the end was presented the plan to join Rotary Club Taipei Diamond charter night.
on Oct 7.

Rotary Club Taipei charter night on Oct 14 .

First to join Taipei Diamond there are 2 choices :

A – Air Macau

Oct 5 ( Thursday ) Macau – Taipei NX 610
Departure time 12:00
Arriving time 13:40

Oct 8 ( Sunday) Taipei – Macau NX615
Departure time 20:05
Arriving time. 22:00
Online return MOP. 3161,09

B – EVA Air

Oct 5 ( thu) Macau-Taipei Br 808
Dep 12:50 / Arr 13:40
Oct 10 ( mon) Taipei-Macau Br805
Online return MOP 2441,00

Stay at Taipei Hotel – Taipei Station ( Near Taipei station, Free WIFi , no window, online booking now MOP 1055/ double room.

Need any assistance pls. What’app IPP Sam Ip in private.

Box collection MOP 1.000,00.
The meeting was adjourned .

President Fatima