Dear Fellow Rotarians,
Last Thursday we have:
PPs Maneiras, Peter, Fatima, Choi, Ip, Gary, Florence, David, Rtn. Sam Ip and his guest, his wife Amy and myself. Our President KC has skipped this one and left VP David to chair this meeting!!! :D big grin:D big grin 
Some updates on our members who were present last week:
PP Peter was in Malaysia on a visit with the Macau Consumer Council. PP Peter also informed that Macau citizens when visiting Malaysia launch a complain to the Malaysian Consumer Council, the follow up can be liaised even after returning to Macau – some travel advise! 
PP Ip was in China celebrating the 110th Anniversary of YMCA in Xiamen, Shanghai and Nanjing. He was turned into “Super Ip’ as he pushed a rock “Wen Tian” (問天)!!!!
PP Fatima was in Szechuan with the Social Welfare Bureau. She visited elderly homes and though the homes were very good but lacks maintainence….she was also turned into “Super Fa” as she was able to walk up the 3300m Mount “Emei”(娥眉山)!!!!
Rtn. Sam was out of town for most of October. He went for safety seminar in both Szechuan and Beijing followed by training in Guangdong….very studious!!!
And that concludes why they have been absent!!!! 
Some important dates for your calendar:
Th 15th NOV
Regular Meeting: Joint Rotary & Rotaracts Meeting
Dinner & Meeting: Presentation on the Arts of Chinese Tea Culture by Macau Cultural Club
Deadline for Sign up: Thu 8/11
Th 29th NOV
Regular Meeting: Social Night
Th 13th DEC 7.00pm (tbc)
Regular Meeting: Social Night