Dear Fellow Rotarians,
Last week we had a great and joyous turn up at the regular meeting!!!
Attendees included: PPs Fred, Peter, Maneiras, Ritchie, Choi, Stella, David, Ip, Keith and Rtns. Margaret, Kevin and Hon. Member Anabela and the last but not the least President KC and myself.
Some updates from Rtn. Margaret – she has been travelling around Europe, got herself a tanned due to all the walking and fresh air… brief, looking good!!!!!
 ;) winking;) winking=P~ drooling=P~ drooling
PP Peter also returned from his trip to Canada….at first I thought he went to Canada to celebrate his birthday but actually he hosted his daughter’s wedding!!! When he delivered his speech as the father of the bride, he gave a “FORMULA + TTS” so that the newly weds will have a longlasting marriage. According to PP Peter, his “FORMULA + TTS” represents the followings:
F – Forgive
O – Overlook
R – Respect
M – Mind
U – Understanding
L – Love
A – Accommodate
T – Tolerate
T – Trust
S – Sacrifice
:x lovestruck:x lovestruck:x lovestruck:x lovestruck
After this, PP Peter and Pres. KC were worried that this “FORMULA + TTS” scared PP Choi into matrimony….:D big grin:D big grin which turned out that we some sort of have a theme for our forthcoming Annual Ball – “The Wedding”….will this be confirmed? Your voicing out during this Thursday meeting will be great plus it is a chance for you to know more about our Dental Project for the elderlies – how different it is from the other dental project provided by other Rotary Clubs in Macau!!!!!
Some important notes for the coming weeks:
Th 18th
Regular Meeting
Dinner & Meeting: Update Presentation on Club’s Dental Service Project for the Elderly by Rtn. Kevin Lei
Sa 27th
6.30pm – 10.00pm
Halloween Party altaltalt
Organized by: Rotaract Club of Macau & UMSU
Content: Ice break game, Cat Walk Competition, dinner and prize presentation
Price: Rotarians – MOP70
RSVP Deadline: 18/Oct
University of Macau



Th 11th October 2012


8.30pm – 10.00pm

Rotary Year:


Meeting No.:



President KC Wong

Prepared by:

Hon. Secretary Synthia Chan



Topic of Discussions


1. Meeting calls to order by President KC


2. Introduction by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin:

–       Guest Speaker: Program Secretary of YMCA, Macau, Mr. William Lo

–       Visiting Rotarians: TBC

–       Guests of Rotarians: (Club) Principal Secretary Mr. Vincent Wan


3. Updates on Rotarians:

–       Any Rotarians we haven’t seen for some time


4. Announcements:

  1. 1.Club’s:
    1. a.October’s Notes:
      1. Recap on visit to Fu Hong Society (can ask Yasmin to do some sharing)
        1. 1.Date: Sat 6/10 from 10am – 1pm
        2. 2.Visited: Pou Choi Centre, Creative Corner, Hong Ieng Centre and “Happy” Laundry, Social Enterprise
        3. 3.Attended by Rotarians, Rotaractors and guests
    2. Recap on the visit of Foundation Trustee Chair RIPP Wilfred J. Wilkinson
      1. 1.Date: Mon 8/Oct
      2. 2.Can request PP Fatima or PP David to do a recap
      3. 3.Visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in Macau, private lunch with Ps and Paul Harris Major Donors (3 from our Club: PP Ritchie, PP Keith and Rtn. Lei Loi Tak)
    3. Next Regular Meeting (18/Oct) – Rtn. Kevin who is also our Service Project Committee Member, will present to the Club on the Club’s Dental Service Project for the Elderly
  2. b.November’s Notes:
    1. Joint Meeting between Rotary Club of Macau and Rotaract Clubs of Macau and UMSU
      1. 1.Date: Thu 8/Nov
      2. 2.Guest Speaker: As a follow up with last year’s Japanese Tea, we have invited the Macau Cultural Club to present and demonstrate the “Art of Chinese Tea”
  3. c.AOBb.Group Study Exchange – Board approved the 2 GSE applications, one Graphic Designer, Freelancer and the other Sales Executive of Venetian
    1. Further to PP Florence’s email on Macau SAR Stamp Issue ”Lusophone Writers” with PP Henrique de Senna Fernandes being chosen as the character since he was a famous Macanese writer and lawyer, was launched this Tuesday (9/Oct) to celebrate “World Post Day”, PP David has bought 2 sets which one set was given to our Club.
    2. 2.District’s:
      1. a.Future Vision Plan Grant Management Seminar – Part 1
        1. Purpose: To train and qualify the Club to participate in the Future Vision Plan starting from 1/Jul/2013
        2. Date: Sat 20/10
        3. Time: 9.00 am – 2.00pm
        4. Venue: Regal Kowloon Hotel, TST, HKG
        5. Price: HKD330/Rotarian (incl. seminar fee, coffee break & lunch)
        6. RSVP: Thu 18/10 (Synthia)
        7. Sign up list circulated
  4. 3.RI’s:  
  5. 4.Rotaract Club of Macau & USMU
    1. a.Joint General Meeting of Rotaract Clubs of Macau and USMU:
      1. Speaker:
        1. 1.PP. Elvo Sou (Head of Student Counselling & Development Section, University of Macau): Mental Health
        2. 2.Rotaractor Rachel Lao -­‐ Rachel will share her experience of her exchange trip in Guizhou in September 2012
    2. Date: Fri 12/10
    3. Time: 8.00 pm
    4. iv.Venue: Room JLG, University of Macau
    5. v.Dinner Fee:MOP60
    6. RSVP:  10 persons
    7. Sign up list circulated
  6. b.Halloween Party
    1. Date: Sat 27/Oct
    2. Time: 6.30pm – 10.00pm
    3. Venue: University of Macau
    4. Content: Ice break game, Catwalk competition, dinner and prize presentation
    5. Fee: MOP70 – Rotarians
    6. Special request: Mother Club’s support in contributing some gifts as prizes (3 winners + 12 raffles = 15 in total)
    7. RSVP deadline: Thu 18/Oct
    8. Sign up list circulated
    9. 5.Sister Clubs


5. Presentation of YMCA’s Report on “Hard to Hear” Summer Camp and Speech Training by Program Secretary of YMCA, Macau, Mr. William Lo


6. Birthday Celebration: Month of October –

4th – Rtn. Yasmin

9th – Pres. KC

20th – Rtn. Liz

31st – PP Eduardo

7. Box Collection by Sergeant-at-Arms

8. Announcement of Box Collection by Hon. Treasurer Stella


9. Meeting adjourned by Pres. KC