Last Thursday was the first meeting of the new Rotary year 2016/17 and it was also the first time that President Sam put on his president sash. He’s the 70th president of our Club. It’s indeed heavy!

The food that evening was much better than usual, not because Venetian wanted to celebrate Pres. Sam’s first meeting but because they have increased the dinner fee. (This issue will be discussed at the coming assembly). We all agreed that it worth the money.presentation

The harvest from our Horticulture Therapy project, a big pumpkin, 5 corns, 3 little egg plants and a small passion fruit was brought up for auction. The auction was exciting with a tele-bidder bidding over a Whatsapp call from Vietnam, and there were lots of challenges and request for matching and finally with the generosity of Pres. Sam, IPP Liz, PP Choi, PP Fred, PP Ip and PP Kevin, the harvest raised a total of $5,000 for the project. Please see the attached photos. Money grows on vegetables!!


Pres. Sam was formally installed last Saturday, 9/7, at the District Installation. Rtn. Li Ying was also inducted then.



  • Up coming events
  • 14/7 – we have presentation from our Rotaract Goodwill Ambassadors who had just had their ‘one belt one road’ trip to Kazakhstan.
  • 15/7 – see the 2 UK Summer Camp students off at the ferry terminal at 6.30pm
  • 15/7 – celebration of French National Day at Sofitel at 7.30m
  • 21/7 – 1st Club Assembly

I look forward to seeing you tonight.


Hon Secretary