Last meeting

We had visiting Rotarians Mark Wang and Roland Jossi from the Rotary Club of Singapore, the oldest club in Singapore and also one of the sister clubs of our sister club, RC Taipei, visited us last Thursday. Rtn. Mark, who met many of us at the RC Taipei’s annual balls in the past 2 years, found our members the most joyful crowd cos our laughter was the loudest at the ball, decided to visit us one of these days. Rtn. Roland has moved to HK but decided not to transfer his membership to any of the clubs in HK. Inspired by this, Rtn. Yuko suggested we share the below music video in the meeting just for fun only, which brought us lots of laughter. That’s interesting and Yuko said she showed this to her students to encourage them to speak English and not to worry if it’s Chinglish la. The evening was filled with laughter again with added jokes from PP IP and the box collection was topped up and matched by PPs Choi, Fred, Keith, Peter and P Sam to $3,000 which was started with Peter for his agreement with Fred for the first time, though I already forgot what he agreed Fred with.

Rotary HK Ultra-Marathon (RUM) last Sunday

2 teams from RC Macau registered for the RUM which was held on 5th March at Lung Wo Road, Central in HK. The team with mentally ill rehabilitated patients from Fu Hong was sponsored by us and there was the other group with participation from our Rotaractors. As quoted from the facebook of Sam that a service user told him, “This is a very good road to run as there are high-rise buildings on both sides ahead. I have a target to follow. Looking up to follow the target is much more comfortable. It would be tough for me if I had to look down at the ground while running. I would not have made it.” I hope we can plan earlier next year to involve more runners from our Club to participate in this signature District project.

Mark your dates

30/3 (Thu) – Speaker Michael Best of UN University – Computing and Society
6/4 (Thu) – Speaker PDG Ada Cheng on Public Image
6/5 (Sat) – 70th Annual Ball – ‘Born This Way’ at Venetian
27~28/5 (Sat~Sun) – District Conference at L’ Hotel Nina et Convention Centre, HK
10-14/6 RI Convention at Atlanta

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Yours in Rotary