Last meeting – 9th March

Though we only had around 10 Rotarians attended, the last meeting was fruitful. We have decided to visit IPP Liz in Vietnam on 19th to 22nd May. We ‘whatsapp’ called Liz immediately at the meeting and she said she would be happy and look forward to seeing us then. For the time being, the following Rotarians have signed up for this Vietnam tour: Andy (2), Choi, Fatima, Florence, Li Ying, Sam, Stella, Ricardo (2) and Aris. Unfortunately, it overlaps with Patua so Fred cannot join us this time. Please let me know if you are interested to join this fun trip and I will give more details in due course.

70th Anniversary Ball on 6th May

The Ball is getting closer and closer now. Please find attached a sponsorship letter template for your perusal. Please help to send to any of the potential sponsor that you may know of and copy me for information. We hope, with each of our fellow Rotarian’s effort, we may be able to raise fund for projects of the coming year.

I would like to thank Andy here, for his arrangement to award me and Choi ‘couple of the year’. As the function room of Riquexo can hold around 20 persons, so only a small group of Rotarians there.

Attached is also a video clip of TDM English New of our Rotary Blood Donation Day. You can see a no. of Rotarians there, like Li Ying was there donating blood and DGE HW was interviewed. Thanks Joao again.

Mark your dates

Mar 30 (Thu) – Speaker Michael Best of UN University – Computing and Society
Apr 6 (Thu) – Speaker PDG Ada Cheng on Public Image
May 6 (Sat) – 70th Annual Ball – ‘Born This Way’ at Venetian
May 19-22 – Vietnam Trip
May 27-28 – District Conference at L’ Hotel Nina et Convention Centre, HK
Jun 10-14 – RI Convention at Atlanta


 70th Ball Sponsorship Ltr Final