Last meeting of this Rotary year – 29/6

How time flies! We are getting to the end of this Rotary year 2016/17 pretty soon. Coming Thursday, 29th June will be the last meeting for P Sam to preside and he will have to hand over the prestigious sash to Incoming P Fatima who will start to lead the Club from 1st July. Please do come to the meeting to see what we have done in this Rotary year. Btw, IPP Liz will be flying back from Hanoi to attend this important meeting also.

Charter night at Fat Siu Lau – 15/6

It was a pity that I was not able to attend this meaningful 70th Charter night at the first meeting place, Fat Siu Lau Restaurant, 70 years ago where the first board was elected. Over 60 Rotarians. Rotaractors, friends and families attended. PP Keith briefed us on the formation of the Club 70 years ago and, in honour of them, Rotarians present read out the names and classification of our charter members.  PP Choi and PP Fred enriched us with the stories and backgrounds of some of the charter members. Thanks to PP Ip and Rtn. Pedro, the night was filled with joy with the beautiful wine they offered. Thanks to Rotaryanne Maggie, the better half of PP Kevin, who made a beautiful 70th birthday cake and thanks to Rtn. Andy for the beautiful backdrop.  To quote what Rtn. Miguel said, “We had a blast of a dinner.”

RI Convention at Atlanta – 10-14/6

Though no one from our Club physically attended this Convention, PP Filipe was featured in Atlanta Business Chronicle, Rotary: People of Action.  You can see from the attached photo, FILIPE SENNA FERNANDES, Rotary Club of Macau, A business consultant and marketing professional by day and a disc jockey by night. Thanks to PP Filipe, our Club is getting better known now.

District Rotaract Conference –  17/6

The District Rotaract Conference was the first time held in Macau on 17/6, Saturday, at the Grand Emperor Hotel. It was a successful event.  Incoming P Fatima and Rtn. Yasmin attended.

Happy Garden Harvest – 19/6

You can see from the attached photo that service users from Fu Hong harvested the Okra in the Happy Garden.  The rehabilitated mentally ill patients started to grow the okra from seeds and after a few months of watering with love and care, we enjoyed the fruit of hard work and this Horticulture Therapy, thus helping our service users. IP Fatima cooked the okra and shared it with the board during our board meeting on 22/6.  It was so nice that Fatima was asked to send her recipe for the tasty sauce to us.

Youth Exchange – ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment’ talk – 25/6

This year is going to be the 8th year that we send students to the UK for the summer camp. We are now getting formally into the RI Youth Exchange program (outbound only) these 2 years. According to the rules and regulations students, parents, teachers, Rotarians and District Officers involved are required to attend a session on “Prevention of Sexual Harassment”.  Again, this year, we are happy to have PN Elvo deliver the talk last Sunday.  Btw, our sponsor students from St. Paul’s School, our adopt-a-school, will come and talk to us at the first meeting of the next Rotary year on 6/7.

You may find this update a bit long cos I didn’t update you last week and it consists of 2 weeks of stuff here. Thanks for your patience to read through. Look forward to seeing you this Thursday!

Stella Kan
Hon Sec RC Macau