President Florence’s Message

Ladies and gentlemen. Good evening. Whenever I tell my Rotary friends that I’m a Rotaractor-turned-Rotarian, they’ll say “you must be very young.” So I keep telling them that I’m a Rotaractor-turn-Rotarian. I’ve been here 14 years ago when I was installed a President of Rotaract Club of Macau by my predecessor, Sam Lei. In fact, […]

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Presidents Filipe’s Message

Welcome to the brand new site of the Rotary Club of Macau! The Rotary Club of Macau was chartered in 1947 and it is the second oldest club in our district. With 60 years of club history, it is part of my goals within my capacities to start a new decade with new ideas and […]

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President Ip Pui Fai’s Message

“I told joke every meeting during the year of my presidency, in order to raise fun among fellow Rotarians. But I regretted that I couldn’t raise fund in my year because of the SARS prevailing in the period when we were planning our annual ball which ultimately had to be cancelled. Visting Rotarians are most […]

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