World Cleanup Day

Our City Macau SAR

 10:00 – 16:00
 10:00 – 12:00

  • 1: Starting Point; Carpark opposite OTT (Taipa) Location
  • 2: Street walks through Taipa Village (Taipa) Location
  • 3: Destination Point: Parque Central da Taipa (Taipa)

 14:00 – 16:00

  • 4: Starting Point: St. Paul School of Macau (Macau) Location
  • 5: Destination Point Montanha Russa Garden (Macau)

More information and details will be posted on Facebook/Website.

Rotary Club of Macau:
Interact Club of St Paul School : Facebook

World CleanUp Day 2020 information

19 September is the World Clean Up Day, and we have decided to be part of this event. Our main focus is the urban area of our city.

The objectives are;

  1. Collect rubbish from the street, carparks, parks, … and sort them out based on their recyclability.
  2. We collect data from each type of waste as well area it is collected. This can be submitted through an online form.
  3. Once the data is submitted, will we analyse it and provide insight in its result. The results will be published on the MUS Facebook page.
  4. We’ll also distribute small flyers to the various businesses in the area where the cleanup event happens to highlight this event and its importance.
  5. Finally, we hopefully can communicate our findings to the Government and propose feasible solutions that should improve the situation of urban pollution.

Please, click on the link to confirm your participation and what part of the day you will attend; morning (Taipa) and/or afternoon (Macau).

What to bring or not?

  1. Gloves or any protective gear suitable to pick up the rubbish to avoid injury.
  2. Bags will be provided to put the rubbish in.
  3. Ensure clothing are comfortable and keep the weather in mind as it seems that next weekend it might be windy and wet.

What can you do to fully engage with this event?

  1. Complete the Participation Form.
  2. Be ready for a fun day.
  3. Submit regularly your rubbish data collection through the form World clean Up Data.
  4. Be safe and positive.
  5. Distribute the flyers amongst local businesses to promote this action.
  6. Keep an eye on the final results on MUS Facebook page

Thank you all for your passionate contribution to making our city cleaner and safer.


CleanUp - 18
Interactors from St Pauls School join with World Clean Up Day