Dear all

Thank you again for support to the 1st Ball Meeting held on 10 March 2008.

Attached herewith the following FOR YOUR PERUSAL AND COMMENT

Meeting minutes recorded with the updated status on every items.

Sponsorship Letter
– revised by IPP Keith and the undersigned.
– The Committee has agreed to adopt ¡§DISCO 70’S¡¨ as the theme of our incoming Ball. David suggested to use ¡§Ha Ha, still Alive!¡¨ and Filipe suggested to use ¡§RETRO 70’S¡¨ No other members has made any suggestion. What do you think?
– Can we forget about the slogan and just say ¡§DISCO 70’S¡¨ so as to send out the letter as soon as possible

Invitation Letter

2nd Ball Meeting Agenda
Please read, brain storm and lend a hand so as to speed up the meeting, hehe as Bill will come and join us for dinner that night.

Thank you so much.

MINUTES of the  2nd Ball Committee Meeting 2008
Tuesday, 25 March 2008, Choi’s Clinic

Florence Hui                    FH
Filipe Senna Fernandes      FSF
David Shelton-Smith          DSS
Fatima Ferreira                  FF
K C Wong                        KW
Stella Kan                         SK
Choi Sai Hong                   CHOI

Keith Pharis                        KP
Kazuyoshi Noguchi               KN
Saba Payman                      SP
Margaret Bao                      MB
Alfredo Ritchie                    AR
Gary Ngai                           GN
IP Pui Fai                            IP
Elizebete Fong                    EF
Thomas Luong                    TL
Ricardo Martins                    RM

Minutes taken by Florence Hui

Meeting was called to order by Florence at 7:45pm.


1    Review of Sponsorship Letter/Invitation Letter

1.1    Please see attached revised by FH.                         FH

2    Sponsorship on Printed Ball Program

2.1    DSS will produce the ball program enclosed in the Macao Tower menu.        DSS
2.2    Company logo will be recognized for sponsors supporting the ball with prizes of face value $6000 and up.   DSS

3    Fund Raising Activities during the ball  

3.1    Macao Tower couldn’t let our Club feature a “Charity Beer Counter” due to violation of contract between Tower and their             suppliers. KS suggested FH to check if cans of beer can be featured as table prizes as long as Guests don’t open them.   FH   

3.2  Due to the buffet dinner style of the night, it would be more convenient to feature “Lucky Draw” instead of “Bingo” which is better for sit-down dinner. Each raffle ticket cost $50.                        NOTED
3.3    Same as last year, FH is to ask Mr Cheung of Foto Time to feature Charity Photo taking at “Photo Corner” before and during         the ball. Each photo will be sold at $20 each. CHOI suggested to use projector to promote
 them once they are available for sale.                         FH
3.4    IP is to liaise with Concordia School of Special Education on what could be sold for charity during the ball to raise fund for them.                 IP   
4    Band & Performance
4.1    CHOI said Lito has agreed to perform after he arranged with his friends.
4.2    FSF is to check the quotation of hiring musical instrument for last year For comparison.  FSF
4.3    FH is to liaise with Macao Tower regarding the charges that may be needed for band performance.  FH
4.4    FSF suggested that his elder sister could teach us to do Line Dance for the opening of the Ball.    FSF
4.5    Song composed by Frank Li could be featured as one of the program.         NOTED
4.6    Macau Elvis, Rudy Souza will be invited to perform.                 SK
5    Wine Supply

5.1    KW suggested to feature 2 kinds of red wine with the same cost price.
        One is sold at $100/bottle and the other at $180/bottle to boost sale.
        1 free bottle of $180 will be placed on every table.                    FH
5.2    Wine selling will be done on trolley.                        NOTED

6    Quotation for

6.1    Ball Ticket printing – Around $600 for 500 pcs. FH will check that for raffle tickets.    FH
6.2    FSF will contact C + Y for the sponsorship of backdrop/ photo corner mini back drop.                                    FSF

7    Invitation Letter

7.1     VP Saba Payman has agreed to take the post of MC at the Ball. KS
        suggested to ask PP Synthia Chan (who is in Macau in the meantime) to be Saba’s partner.    NOTED
7.2    FH is to borrow walkie talkie from Rotaract Club of Macau                 FH

The meeting adjourned at 9:15pm. Next Ball Meeing would be held on Tuesday, 8 April 2008 at Choi’s Clinic.
Yours in Rotary

Florence Hui
President Elect/Annual Charity Ball Chair
Rotary Club of Macau