Rotary Club of Macau, the oldest Rotary Club in Macau, was founded in 1947 by community leaders with the idea of combining their skills to service, for the people. From the very beginning, the club has been international in scope with members from overseas who live and work here and members from Macao.

The chosen language for our club is English, which has allowed many members and guests to communicate freely and to practice their verbal skills.

澳門扶輪社成立於 1947年,為澳門最早成立的扶輪社,今年亦是該社成立的75週年。當初成立時參與的社區領袖們將匯聚社友專長服務市民為己任。由於成立時社友來自不同的地區和國家,比較國際化。因此,採用英語作為該社的官方語言,以方便溝通。

As part of Rotary International, we carry out or assist in many projects overseas as well as locally.


Our members age from 24 to 85 years of age. The experience and support is greatly appreciated by our younger Rotarians. Members may join us after being in youth organizations such as Rotaract Club, while some have joined as professionals or managers. Our meetings are congenial and enlightening with the younger members often bringing new ideas and the older ones providing the means and support to make them real.


We continue with our signature annual projects with support for the families of the mentally handicapped children. This year we hosted our 21st Christmas Party for those families.


President Matthew Wong, himself a former Rotaractor, has spearheaded several initiatives this year.

Our local service project, the brand new “Sportarian,” promotes the importance of exercise, especially during the current Covid situation. This encourages all citizens to do more exercise for their well-being. In another service project, “Together We Go Eco,” we aim to educate and raise awareness of environmental issues surrounding the globe. This targets Macau students and promotes methods we can use to upcycle daily waste into something useful.

Internationally, we are working with a Rotary Club in Nepal on building a computer lab for their students in need.