Welcome to the Rotary Club of Macau!

President Matthew WongIt is a great honour for me to have served as the Rotary Club of Macau President and, at the same time, to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

I am proud to have served the great family of Rotary for more than ten years: from Rotaractor to Rotarian and from Rotaract Club President to Rotary Club President. All this time has left me with strong memories provided by the rich experiences that coloured my life and allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the core values of Rotary that give meaning to the motto “Service Above Self“.

Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta mentioned that “to live for others, to care for others, to serve others and change their lives is the best way to live our own lives”. We continue our legacy signature service project “Joy to The World Xmas Party” for the mentally handicapped children and their families.

Furthermore, we also brought new ideas to our community.

Sportarian” – a one-month sports challenge, which promotes health by raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle by implementing a regular sports routine and, at the same time, raising funds for the End Polio Fund and local cancer patients and their families.

Together We Go Eco”, an annual green service project, brings out the concept of Upcycle. Aiming to educate and raise awareness of environmental issues surrounding the globe, targeting Macau students and promoting methods to upcycle daily waste into something useful.

It was a year full of challenges for myself and the club, especially under the current uncertain environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as Rotarians, as People of Action, we love to take on challenges and to make tomorrow better for all. As I believe that “we have the power and the magic to serve to change lives”.

We look forward to seeing you at our Regular Meetings every Thursday. Together, let’s Serve to Change Lives, for others and ourselves!

Yours in Rotary!

Matthew Wong


President 2021-22
Rotary Club of Macau