Dear Distinguished Guests, Fellow Rotarians, Families and Friends,
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Macau 72nd Anniversary Charity Ball – Silver Screen! 

Among so many movies produced each day, there must be some you enjoyed with laughter or tears, and you will remember them for years. In few special movies, the characters or their dialogue gave you inspirations. Such inspirations may have great impact in your career or even in your life, and possibly, and possibly changed YOU.

As a Rotarian, we are striving each day for equality and peace among people in order to make a better world. Therefore, inspiration is indispensable. We come together to talk and listen to each other in our meetings, trying hard to inspire or to be inspired so that we can have new ideas to serve the community.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all our sponsors. Your support is of paramount importance to us for carrying out our service projects.

I would also like to thank the organizing committee members for their efforts in making this Ball a happy gathering. I am indebted to our young Rotaractors in making this Ball rolling. This year, we also have the helping hands of our Interactors too. I would also like to thank every one of you for coming to the Silver Screen Ball this evening. Most importantly, this Ball is to raise funds which will be used to benefit the underprivileged people in the community. As we get inspiration in movie stories or the characters themselves, let’s connect with Rotary and make the world a better place to live!

Ip Pui Fai
Ball Chair
President Elect

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