Sunday 14th March is the Rotary Clubs of Macau Blood Donation Day.

The event will be held opposite the Hotel Sintra, and the Portuguese School in Macau.


Blood 1

Blood 1

Entertainment and information is available to the public and donors will be looked after by the Macau Blood Transfusion service in the Portuguese School.

There is a particular need for Caucasian Blood and in particular O negative. So whether you are O-, A-, B-, or AB- this can be your chance to help someone in need.

The event starts from noon until 5 pm, all are welcome to come and learn about the service and also about the need for matching donors for Bone marrow transplants. This is not as bad as it sounds and helpful Macanese people have already saved lives, as their unique blood is very rare abroad.

Instead, this should be seen as something “extra” for this year due to the fact that there is a real case (the young Afonso Couto who is suffering from acute leukaemia) happening in our own community. And we wish to raise public awareness of this matter. Dr. Hui Ping has also told us that the Blood Transfusion Centre can take blood sampling and register as “Stem Cell/Bone Marrow Donors” on location during our Rotary blood drive.

So come and join the Rotary Clubs and lend a hand if you can.

You can listen to the Theme music here