Rotary Club of Macau is proceeding with its Dental Project. This is a long-term project for the provision of Dental Services for the needy in Macau and abroad.


We have purchased two portable Dental Units and joined forces with teams of Dentists and Rotarians to provide this service. Funding has been achieved through support from the Macao Foundation and from our Rotarians. Funds remain for the replenishment of consumables and to ensure the continuity of this project.

Two site visits to provide dental assistance are planned for this year, the first 28th of November at the Old People Centre in Macao. The second is in Guanxi Duan County

China 19th to 22nd December. We will be accompanied by young members of the Macau community to assist in the provision of dental care and our own qualified Macau Dentists and of course our own Rotarians and Rotaractors from Macau.


Other than our PP Choi and Rtn. Kevin, there are 5 more dentists to help in these projects and we will also invite officials from the Macau Foundation, our financial sponsor of the project, to witness the kick-off at Santa Maria Elderly Home.

The project has been enjoying the interest of other international Rotary Groups, specifically from the Rotary Club of Taipei who have undertaken similar work in Indonesia. Together we have been able to pool our experience and will invite their group to accompany us to China.