By now I hope that Grace and Wilson have arrived home safely after their long journey. I know that they had a great time and enjoyed themselves immensely and I am sure that they will give you all the details – if they can remember it all!Eric Cowgill

They were excellent ambassadors of Macau once more so thank you for choosing them. The whole group of 18 young people gelled very well and the consensus is that the Camp as a whole was very successful. Certainly, the head of Petty Pool was very impressed by everyone and had a particular mention for Grace and Wilson for they add an extra dimension to the camp making it truly international instead of just European. 

The weather has been kinder this year except for one day in particular when they all got wet – but still had an enjoyable day. The programme that we had this year was more varied than previous Camps so I hope that this was enjoyable. Certainly, the trip around London was good – I enjoyed it but I acknowledge that Grace and Wilson may have been a little tired from the journey over. I hope that their mobile phone bill is not too large for they always seemed to be using their iPhones to send messages even though I warned them of the potential cost. On the final night, they showed a video that had been prepared, which is great for it is the camp through their eyes and worth watching to get a flavour of their activities – the link is  Here  Beware though – it is 12 minutes long but well worth it.

Once again many thanks for your part in the exchange. I am not sure when I shall be in Macau or Hong Kong again but I shall let you know and make sure I see you.

Regards, Eric Cowgill

PP RC Sandbach, Cheshire UK