Our meeting 8/6 at Macau Tower, Lua Azul Restaurant

As Venetian was full again and we had to relocate our meeting. Thanks for PP Synthia’s arrangement and PP Ip’s generosity in bringing different kinds of wine, I was told the meeting was just like a wine tasting event. It was full of fun and laughter and everyone enjoyed the good food and wine. The attached images can prove it.

Charter Celebration at Fat Siu Lau 15/6

We will be celebrating our 70th charter today at Fat Siu Lau Restaurant, 7:30 pm for 8:00 pm. As suggested by PP Keith, to honor our charter members who gave great effort in forming this fabulous club for us, their names and classification will be read out by each Rotarian. You will be given a piece of paper with name and classification of the charter member that you need to read out. Please make sure you can pronounce their names properly. If you are not sure, please seek help from our Portuguese members. There are so many Portuguese names. For your interest, I attach here also the list of our charter members which was extracted from the History Binder we got from Rotary International earlier. It’s interesting to find out who they were. PP Florence might be interested to know that the Post Master General then, was one of the charter member. PP Teren might be interested to know that the Manager of BNU then, was another charter member. PDG Nuno Jorge’s father, PP Dobee’s uncle etc….. I am sure you will enjoy reading it.
I wish you all enjoy another great evening with good fellowship, wine and food, the signature dishes of pigeons and soufle at FSL, but sorry, I’m going to miss it *:( sad*:( sad.

Mark your dates

  • Jul 8 (Sat) – District Installation at HK Convention and Exhibition Centre


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