Dear Rotary Board & Annual Charity Ball Committee Members
Visited the Star World Grand Ballroom with Fatima, David and Helen yesterday. Attached the updated analysis between Macao Tower (Level 3 Banquet Hall Total) and Star World Hotel (Grand Ballroom) for your perusal. I’ve highlighted new items for your easy reference.
Debbie at Star World Hotel apologized for not being able to confirm yesterday as discussed previously:She couldn’t get in touch with the guest who has already booked the venue. She asked frankly if our Club really wanted to hold our Ball at their Grand Ballroom. If that is the case, she was sure she could persuade the other guest to release the venue and change his date.
It would be great if you could let me know your thoughts.
On the other hand,
asked Macao Tower for the possibility for putting a charity beer counter (sponsored by Macao Beer; c/o Kazu) for our function area.
asked Debbie of Star World to check the date 12 July 2008 for next installation.
Awaiting for their replies.
Thank you.
Florence Hui
President Elect/Annual Charity Ball Chair
Rotary Club of Macau
12 March 2008