A big welcome to Rotary’s ‘ Be a Gift to the World’ year! I am so blessed and honoured to be your 69th President in a year filled with gifts and thank you. My first thank you goes to IPP Kevin and the 1415 Board who have laid such a good ‘ Light up Rotary ‘ foundation and example for me and the Club to continue serving above self and giving through Rotary to Be a Gift to the World. On Thursday, we have 14 members in the first club meeting of the new Rotary Year and Rtn Elvo’s guest Peggy.

Key Highlights

New Club goals were shared which will be reported in more detail in the coming Club Assembly on July 9 ( Thurs).

On this year’s UK Summer Camp, PP Ip updated on the satisfactory compliance of RI’s Youth Exchange Policy supplemented with Elio’s inspiring training on ‘ Abuse and Harassment Prevention ‘ to some of our members, St Paul’s School teachers, volunteers and the two St Paul’s students Eric /Mary and their parents.
PP Ip’s happy face returned now the students can finally confirm their trip to Manchester for the July 17- Aug 1 period. We will meet both students at the July 16 club meeting IPP Kevin shared happy news on the 1415 District


Awards our club received during the June 30 Joint Presidents’ Meeting in HK. We did very well under the able and compassionate leadership of Kevin with a total of 25 awards – Presidential Citation, Gold award ( 3 ), Silver (8), Bronze (4) and Merit ( 9 ). Award certificates were circulated and details will be posted on the club website. We all deserve a big round of applause for ourselves! Another happy and touching announcement is Aris, our dear executive secretary has kindly donated her last year’s salary totalling $24,000 to the club to support our service projects. The Board will work out the arrangement but, in the meantime, please do join me in ‘ happy clapping’ to express our heartiest gratitude to Aris’ ‘ great gift to the world’. What a wonderful way to start our new rotary year! In this year, we will celebrate the month’s birthday Rotarians in the 1st meeting of each month.

July is a big birthday month with Fatima, Andy, Ip, Freitas, Gary, Lei Loi Tak and Aris. Fatima, Andy, Ip and Aris happily shared the birthday cake on behalf of all July birthday stars. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Before adjourning the meeting, I presented my first gift to everyone with a bag of symbolic “ Kisses” chocolate. For those who were not able to join us, don’t worry as I have reserved one for each of you when you come for the next meeting. Hope “ Kisses” chocolate is a good enough incentive to see you on July 9, our first club assembly. Box collection: $2000 ( a big thank you to your generosity and top-up by PP Choi, PP IP and IPP Kevin.) IMG_4564


Club July Announcement

  • July 9 ( Thurs )- 1st Club Assembly (The Agenda will be sent shortly. Pls do join. But if you are unable to come, please appoint your proxy to your fellow member who will attend the assembly)
  • July 16 ( Thurs)- Meeting speaker: UK Summer Camp Student Eric/Mary
  • July 23 ( Thurs)- Chinese Social Night at Macao Tower Chinese Restaurant
  • July 30 ( Thurs)- No meeting, rescheduled to Aug 1 Joint Installation with two Rotaract Clubs @ Venetian

District July Announcement

July 4 ( Sat) – District Installation at HK Convention Center

Aug 25-31 — DG Peter Pang Mongolia Visit ( if you are interested, a detailed itinerary is available)

Thank you for your patient reading and look forward to seeing you all on July 9 ( Thurs) @Venetian at 8 pm for 8.30 pm for a regular meeting, followed by the 1st Club Assembly.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Elizabete Fong
President 1516
RC Macau

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