Macau Rotary Clubs Hold Joint Meeting with DGN Cassy Cheng

Recently, the Rotary clubs in Macau came together for a joint meeting, with District Governor Nominee (DGN) Cassy Cheng in attendance. The meeting provided a unique opportunity for the clubs to collaborate and report on recent activities.IMG 3726

DGN Cassy Cheng’s Inspiring Journey

During the meeting, DGN Cassy Cheng shared her remarkable journey, starting from her career as an office secretary to becoming a successful fashion manufacturing entrepreneur. Her story served as an inspiration to all the attendees, highlighting the importance of hard work, determination, and seizing opportunities.


Celebrating April Birthdays

In addition to the informative discussions, the Rotary clubs also took the opportunity to jointly celebrate the birthdays of the Rotarians born in April. This gesture of camaraderie and unity further strengthened the bond among the members.IMG 0278 Birthday cake cutting

The joint meeting was held on the 4th floor of Le Arc, a prominent venue in Macau known for its excellent facilities and convenient location. The spacious and well-equipped venue provided the perfect setting for the meeting, allowing the attendees to comfortably engage in meaningful conversations and exchange ideas.

The joint meeting between the Macau Rotary clubs and DGN Cassy Cheng was a resounding success, fostering collaboration, inspiring personal growth, and reinforcing the sense of community among the Rotarians. Such gatherings not only serve as platforms for knowledge sharing but also create opportunities for networking and building lasting relationships.

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