For the 25-26th April 2015 55th District Conference at Regal HK Airport Hotel, 6 members from our club joined. There were many great inspiring speakers and one of them was Rotary International President Special Representative Anna Matthews. The District Resolution to pass a Special Levy in support of the 2019 RI Convention bidding in HK was presented for voting by all voting delegates present (in which our club has 2 votes, represented by PP Fatima and PE Elizabete) Voting result was 72 votes for and 6 against ( against included 2 votes from our club). So based on voting by majority, the Special Levy district resolution was passed but will only be applicable IF the bid is won.

Our 30th April 2015 club meeting had many busy greetings of Sawasdee Klup as we welcomed an interesting lively delegation of 10 Thai Rotarianswith 2 PDGs Chamnan Chanruang and IPDG Suparie Chatkunyarat leading 4 different Clubs: RC Chiang Mai North, RC Chiang Mai Thinthaignam, RC Uttaradit and RC Changpuak Chiang Mai. There were 2 memorable souvenirs from our Thai friends, one is a limited edition Paul Harris statue and a wood-made Rotary Wheel. I will share this with all in the next meeting.

I am truly touched by our dear Rotarians’ quick response immediately after the calling for donations to the Nepal earthquake including even our overseas-residing Rotarians. My heartfelt thanks to all. Last night’s box collection was close to $5000 (including foreign currency from our Thai friends) and individual Rotarian’s contributions on the spot per the last few day’s email exchange of $16,000. A few Rotarians already banked in their donation and some are forthcoming. We will email confirmation of receipt individually to them. A big THANK YOU to all for ‘Lighting up Nepal ‘with your BIG heart.

Also, our Club donation of USD3000 to Shelterbox for Nepal victims has been made on Apr 30 and it will be funded from our Ball account. The Board will consider the usage of members’ donations for effective Nepal post-earthquake relief activities and report shortly.

Club May Announcements

  • May 7 (Thur) – Rotaractors will come to our meeting and sell “LOVE FOR NEPAL” cookies@$20 each.
  • May 23 (Sat) – District Training Assembly at Shatin Jockey Club HK (9 members already enrolled. Welcome more and the event fee will be sponsored by the Club)
  • Jun 6-9 (Sat-Tue) – RI Convention at Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Thank you and see you all on Thursday at Venetian, 7th May 2015 at 8 for 8:30 pm.

Yours in Rotary,
Kevin Lei
President 14-15
RC Macau