Dear Fellow Rotarians

Happy Easter Holiday to you all !

We had our 40th Meeting last night , attended by :-

15 Rtns – KC, Kevin, Stella, Synthia, Janet, Maeder, ET, Peter, Maneiras, Gary, Ip, Fred, Choi, Andy and Elizabete

4 Guests- Becky (  Keith’s lovely wife), Josina (Synthia’s beautiful daughter), Antonio Coutinho ( ex Rtn ) and Trent Newcomb ( his 3rd visit)

We were so glad to welcome back Maeder who came back in time for our Sat Annual Ball and he was such a great supporter that he bought one table at the Ball and even pay his annual Club Fee of $3800 for next year 2014-15. Hon Treasurer Ricardo must be very pleased with such advance collection.

There was also a surprise birthday celebration for Janet with a lovely birthday cake and 3 bottles of Perrier Jouillet , contributed by some anonymous Rtns. Well, thank you so much as the Perrier Jouillet was drank in no time. Josina brought flowers and her beautiful hand-painted birthday card which for sure touched Janet’s heart tremendously. Check out the big happy smile on her face.

The meeting ended with quite a few rounds of jokes by PP Fred, Keith and Ip. One was even on  two engineers present – ET and Antonio.

Club Announcements

1. Cancel 2 club meetings –  Apr 24 and May 1. So we will see you again on May 8 at Venetian.

2. May 24 District Training Assembly- PE Kevin will appoint 8 club officers to join. If there’s spare seat, Rotarians are welcome to join so please inform PE Kevin is you are interested.

3. Club Charter Night@ Fat Siu Lau on Jun 19 ( Thurs ). So please mark your diary to join and bring your families /friends to celebrate our 67th birthday.