Dear Fellow Rotarians

Last meeting we have AG Florence and DAG Nicola visiting our club and we have President KC, PE Kevin, PP Choi, Peter, Maneiras , Ip , myself and our long missing Rtn Margaret welcoming them.

1. Highlights

-AG Florence shared a very interesting presentation bringing us through the time tunnel of Rotary history. First, she showed us all the famous meaningful Rotary landmarks in HK with a touching story behind each of the landmark District donated like :-       

Preserve Planet Earth Statue in 1993

Courtesy Sculpture

Fighting SARS Memorial in 2005

Rotary Time capsule installed in SARS memorial site in 2005 which will be opened in 2055 when Rotary celebrates its 150th anniversary. ( Well, it will  be for the next next generation of Rotary young leaders to witness this time capsule opening !)

– AG Florence also presented 100 prominent Rotarians list . To name a few distinguished ones  : Colonel Sanders ( founder of KFC), Past  South Korea President Lee Meng Pok, Past US President Gerald Ford, Sam Walton ( founder of Walmart), Sir Run Run Shaw and closer to our heart, Sir Pedro Jose Lobo ( Charter Member of RC Macau ).  For those of you who missed this meeting and interested in such topic , please contact me as AG has left handouts on the 100 prominent Rotarians with me.

– We have a meaningful presentation of Paul Harris Fellowship during the evening to congratulate and recognize the following generous and selfless donors with a certificate and lapel pin :-

  • AG Florence    for PHF +8                           
  • Elizabete         for PHF +2
  • Pres K C         for new PHF
  • Ricardo           for new PHF  ( Ricardo, your certificate and PHF pin will be presented when your next mtg)

PP Ip was not only our honourable joke cracker, he is also a live demonstration of ‘Rotary serve’ spirit. Bravo Ip as he offered to be the human  pole for our Club flag so we can have perfect photos for the PHF presentation ceremony. Please click on one of the photos attached to appreciate PP Ip’s commitment to serve.

-Box collection: $660