We were delighted today to build on the work we have been doing in Macau and China on our Dental projects.

RC Macau and friends Dental for the elderly

Many elderly people in Macau have poor teeth and the news that Rotary were going to provide new dentures for them proved to be a great success as about 60 elederly received impressions and dental inspections by our own dental team aided and abetted by regular members of RC Macau, Rotaractors and and from RC Macau Central Michael Chan. We will be back as soon as the Dental lab has completed the production of their new teeth.

Rtn Michael Chan and patient PP Fatima keeps a record

One lady said she was so looking forward to the teeth as she would be able to eat a chicken leg again.
PP Fatima replied that we will join her on that day and share chicken with her.