Dear Fellow Rotarians

Some of us together with AG Florence and President KC attended the 54th District Conference in HK this weekend. We have some interesting matters to  report on the Conference in coming Thursday ( Feb 27 ) club meeting which will be changed to  Sands Macao again but in a different function room than last week ( Feb 20) meeting. AND we also have a guest speaker, a film director  from Portugal who will talk about film industry and movie trends in Spain and Brazil. He will also share with us his upcoming new movie project  which will be shot mainly in Macao. Please COME enjoy an  interesting topic and fellowship, especially our Portuguese-speaking Rotarians  to welcome a friend from Portugal.

Date :    Feb 27 ( Thurs )

Time:    8 for 8.30 pm


Guest Speaker: Lionel Vieira, a feature film director from Portugal ,producing films for Spain and Brazil markets.

Now, about last week meeting, it was a chatty fellowship evening as everyone was enjoying the novelty of Sands Paiza VIP Club Dining room’s food and posh ambience. 14 of us  ( KC, Liz, Stella, Choi, Kevin, Pauline, Gary, Synthia, Andy, Ip, Ricardo, Natasha, Fatima and Fred ) were actually feeling very ‘ RICH’ whole evening as Paiza normally is exclusive to only high-roller customers. It was quite rare that even after President KC hit the gong to adjourn the meeting that everyone still stayed on to continue their fellowship .  Apology to Choi and some members who had some difficulty to find the venue. Thank you again to Rtn Shaun for the kind arrangement through SANDS.  The night’s box collection : $500.

Some upcoming events to note:-

March 6 Thurs meeting will have IPDG Kenneth Wong visiting our club and speaking  to us on Organ Donation project including work-in-progress in HK, work to kick off in Macau and inviting us to attend the Mar 19-20 International Organ Forum in Guangzhou .  ( Please refer to separate email I sent out to you last week for more details. Please let me know if you haven’t received it so I can resend to you  ).

March 16 Sunday will be our annual Area 1 Blood Donation Day to be held in Taipa.  Event details will be sent shortly.  PLEASE MARK YOUR DIARY FIRST TO COME SUPPORT THIS MEANINGFUL ANNUAL JOINT CLUBS PROGRAM