Interview with PP Teren Cheong (2010 ~ 2011)

In my year 2010 ~ 2011 we enjoyed good fellowship and a service project driven club.
Christmas Party for the Mentally Handicapped Children and families was held at the Venetian. This is very meaningful for the handicapped children because they would not have a very good chance otherwise to  have a fun party and meet people. Rotary provides a very good channel for this done and for the spirit of Christmas. Regarding this project the kids enjoy it every year,  so this is something that is really good.

The dental project in Macau and GuangXi.
The elderlies were very happy with Dental Service  in Macau because they do not have a chance for the dental check up and, and now we did this for them and solved many of their problems. But this is not a single visit service as first you need the check-up and then a follow-up and then a few visits to do all the dental work required. The elderlies are very happy to have this work at their home where they are familiar. So this is very important.

For the mountainous students in GuangXi the impact is greater. Because in the mountainous areas they do not get the chance for dental care and need to walk for several hours just to see a dentist to have their teeth fixed. So this is an excellent chance to give them a check up and have some of their problem teeth fixed. So this is very important to the students.

Youth project to Macau “青年精神加油站”, this is an area where we have not been active for some years, only through our Rotaractors, as our efforts have been not in Macau but in China and other less developed countries. We saw the youngsters were facing drug abuse problems, gaming problems, etc and so we wanted to do some  work for them. So we generate a project with the Bosco Youth Network, which made a very good echo with society in Macau. The project was  in Tap Seac with hundreds of participants and was well reported in the media. It drew the attention of the Macau society together with the youngsters.

Blood donation Project is a continuous project together with the other Rotaries in Macau. It has been carried out for a few years already, and so this time with three other Clubs joining together it is very meaningful. As we heard from the Blood Transfusion Service of Macau there is a lack of Negative type blood, typical of the foreigners in Macau. As we now have a lot of foreign employments in Macau, this is an ongoing project to help them by providing this type of unique blood type in Macau.

Matching Grant Project with Rotary Club of Taipei, we had two projects with Taipei since we made a sister agreement with them. One being the motorcycle road safety project in Taiwan, the second is to sponsor the project of dwelling wells for solving water shortage problem in Cambodia.

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