Last night at our regular meeting we were so thrilled to have IPDG Victor Cordeiro from District 1960 Portugal and IPDG Norman visiting. Two Imagine Rotary DGs finally met in person in Singapore for the RI Convention.
IPDG Victor was a crucial leader of Macau’s CEM in the 1980s and 90s, a public utility company in Macau. He shared his time turning CEM around in Macau, and his Rotary experiences both in Macau and Portugal. He was joined by many old friends of his from our club.
IPD Vitor Cordeiro and IPDG Norman
IPDG Norman also promoted the next RI Convention in Calgary, Canada. We had an amazing evening of convention sharing and fellowship.


Vitor Cordeiro

Dear Fellows, it has been a great pleasure to share with you my personal, professional and rotarian experience and my views on how to evolve in our organization in order to have innovative solutions for the challenges we are presently facing. The partcipation of many old friends and IPDG Norman Lee, my classmate 2022-2024, made the moment even more emotional and the feeling was like the “cherry on the top of the cake”, i.e. perfect! Thank you so much for the warm wellcome that I will never forget.