During the past ten years, the Rotary Club of Kowloon North, Hong Kong and Macao Rotary have donated a lot of things to help the ethnic education in Du’An, which have a great effect on the whole society, and influenced the whole society deeply. It includes the following characteristics:

1.    Many donors are successful people. Amongst them are businesses, bankers and celebrities.
2.    The donors are from different parts of the world, such as Hong Kong, Japan, India, American and Europe, including Chinese foreigners.
3.    The amount of the donation is large. It reached up to RMB 10 million, and the money donated to the National Experimental Middle School alone took up RMB 5 million.
4.    The projects built with the help of the Rotary Club are fully equipped.
5.    It lasts a long time from 1999 up till now, 10 years is in total.
6.    The spirit of sacrifice is honorable. All the successive presidents and members of the two Rotary Clubs have their own job, but every time they came to Du’ an to visit or take part in activities such as the opening ceremonies and the closing ceremonies, they came at weekends by air, and then return to Hong Kong or Macao to work after the activities.
7.    The projects have a great effect on society.

“One world, one dream.”  The same dream we share is to develop and improve human civilization and to make the beautiful dream become true.

At the tenth anniversary of the Rotary Club of Kowloon North, District Hong Kong and Macao Rotary’s support of the ethnic education in Du’An, the governors of every level in Du’An, teachers and students and all the people in Du’An wish all the successive Presidents and members of the two Rotary Clubs a good health, happiness and the best of everything. May merits of the Rotary follow the people of Du’An and live with the sun and the moon for that piece of heaven!