Du’An is located in a mountainous area where the natural conditions are extremely difficult.
It is one of the extreme poor counties in China. Because of the shortage of public finance and for a long time insufficient investment in education, many schools in the villages are in poor condition. Some classrooms are even about to collapse. The poverty and low development of education in Du’An have attracted the attention of compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao and people from all walks of life. Not long after the “6.13” flood in 1994, the committee member of GuangXi, Minister Lan Ginwen, who is also the chairman of Macao Loving Care Project Foundation, paid a visit to Du’An. After inspecting some disaster-affected schools, he realized the seriousness of the poverty of the county. It is difficult to solve the problem for any one individual or any single group. Only by uniting the strengths of the whole society can we deal with it. After returning to Macao, he immediately communicated with Hong Kong and Macao Rotary Clubs, expecting them to help promote the education of DuAn. Minister Lan’s advocation soon received support from the clubs.

Though living in big cities, they show their concern for Du’An. They soon organized a group to Du’An to make an on-site inspection, settling sponsored projects. The Rotary Club of Kowloon North and the Rotary Club of Macau , clubs in Rotary International, donated money to rebuild ShangLu primary school in Lalie town, Shangjie primary school and Xingli primary school in Sannong town. ln October, 1999, the then president of Macao Rotary Club, Choi Sai Hong, attended the completion ceremony of Xingli primary school, which was rebuilt with the help of Macau Rotary Club. He made visits to schools to get a better idea of the education in DuAn. After President Choi returned to Macao, the same year in November he led the presidents of Hong Kong and Macau Rotary Club and other members to Du’An. In the company of the local officials, they made an inspection in schools which needed help for reconstruction. In spite of the severe conditions and rocky roads in the mountains, they did not stop their pace. Finally, they decided the first donated money should be used to the rebuild projects of Nongyan primary school in Lalie, Banlie primary school in Gaoling town, Yongping primary school in Baoan town.

After the first period projects were completed, they help to build 5 other schools, namely, the Yanma primary school in Dongmiao town, Jianqiao primary school in Disu town, Du’An Ethnic Experimental Middle School, Longzhong primary school in Baoan, Hualai primary school in Jiudu town.

Among the 8 schools, except Du’An Ethnic Experimental Middle School, Banlie primary school in Gaoling town, Jianqiao primary’ school in Disu town, the rest were used to be the poorest equipped schools locating in the most remote mountainous areas.