Distinguished presidents and all the respected members of The Rotary Club of Kowloon North in Hong Kong, Rotary Club of Macau and Rotary International,
For many years, your hearts are with DuAn. Your generosity has donated as much as 10 million RMB to help build DuAn Ethnic Experimental Middle School and the seven primary schools- Long Yan, Yeng Ping, Long Zhong, Bailie, Yan Ma, Jian Qiao and Hua Lai, making the conditions of the school improved and enabled many impoverished students to return to school to complete their schooling. Grassy land and blooming flowers, clear and bright school buildings provide the students with a comfortable study environment. All these changes is owed to the love, care and help from the two Rotary Clubs.

So, on behalf of the 100,000 students and 660,000 people from all nationalities of Du’An, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and pay our highest respect to all the presidents and club members who were concerned with promoting the education of DuAn.
Sharing the same blood bond, the two Rotary Clubs helped the education course in Du’An heart and soul. This deed is outstanding and the influence of it will be inspiring and everlasting.

Du’An Yao Autonomous County is located in a mountainous area in north Westem GuangXi. It is an area where minority groups gather. The county is one of the key members included in a program run by the central government for the support of impoverish areas. Due to the adverse natural conditions, the economy is stagnated and its infra-structure remains basic. The majority of the county suffers from poverty. The medical condition needs improvement as does the living standard of the people. A thorough change requires a joint effort to overcome the difficulties and to further development. We sincerely hope that countrymen from Hong Kong and Macau, compatriots, overseas Chinese together with our internationals friends will continue to support and help the development of Du’An. Hand in hand, we are all one to build a rich, cultural, ecological and peaceful Du’An.

Your endless humanity and love will live long! Your marvelous merits will forever last!
Allow us to sent the heartfelt wishes of bless and good health to everyone of you!

The People’ s Government of DuAn Yao Autonomous County May, 2009