When Mr Lan Qin Wen and Mr Choi Sai Hong, Mr Wei Ben Da, Ms Jian Pei Wen, past Presidents of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong and Macau, and others visited Du’An in scorching summers and frigid winters, when arrays of compatriots from Hong Kong and Macau came a long way to the home of our Yao minorities, when blocks of brand-new teaching buildings were erected on campus, we firmly believe there must be the most suitable way to remember these people, their deeds and love. We definitely believe, and so do our children, that all this has been deeply rooted in our hearts.

Therefore, in the name of love we compiled this book through the focus of the camera, spiritual understanding and a thankful heart in tribute to all your kindness.

Du’An, Hong Kong and Macau are miles apart; all Chinese there are of the same root and family. We think Du’An is recognized by the people of Macau and Hong Kong simply because of her poverty and underdeveloped conditions as well as their concern for love. We cannot forget the efforts that the volunteers of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong and Macau made in the years of 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2004. The numbers of 50, 145, 150, and 596 represent your great contributions that have been put on building the new teaching blocks and fixing the modern facilities in Du’An Experimental Middle School as well as in other places such as Nongyan, Banlie, Yongping, Yanma, Jianqiao, Longzhong, Hualai, etc.

We believe there is great beauty and real love in the world. With a thankful heart, we do our best in our duty. In the past decade, we have been achieving this. With the support of the Hong Kong and Macau Rotary Clubs and other charities, the local government’ s investment of over RMB200m, all primary and secondary school buildings and facilities have been greatly improved. We are devoted to raising the whole county’ s educational standards, enhancing teaching staff development and introducing new teaching strategies, so that the educational qualities of schools of all levels will be among the best in the Hechi region, and the dream of a poor county, to make achievements in education, is fulfilled.
In 2007 the ‘two basics’ policy

  • – providing the nine-year free education and
  • – reducing illiteracy
was achieved.

We can hardly forget what Ms Jian Pei Wen said:
‘The Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau are family. We don’t just build a school and that’s all; we want to let our love in supporting school children’ s education needs flourish.’

We believe the selfless sacrifice of the Rotary Clubs of Hong Kong and Macau will definitely make our children understand more what love is and learn more about how to love. When we look back on what the Rotary has done for us in the last decade, we think your deep love should not only be engraved on our memory, but be passed on and on. This is our wish and responsibility.

Huanghanying and Weishaoshi May, 2009